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The following was written by Antoinette Brown Blackwell and sent by her grandson, Horace Beebe Robinson, for the Henrietta archives.

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"my sixth year, we moved into a new stone house (now 1099 Pinnacle Road) a short distance from the log house on the same side
of the road. On the day of the moving we children were required to remain at the old house until most of the furniture had been taken over, with the promise that we should help by each bringing something. The toddling baby was given a tin coffeepot, which he held in both his hands while my sister and I took hold of his arms, each of us holding a full pail in our free hand, and then we marched in a row down the hill to the new house, making a little fete of the moving."
Excerpt from "Henrietta Heritage"

                         by Eleanor C. Kalsbeck

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As many of you have heard there is a proposal to build a Dollar General in the Historic Hamlet of West Henrietta, between the 1834 Greek Revival and what was Henry D. Halloran Sons Funeral Home, with the driveway exiting onto West Henrietta Road.

                           This is NOT the Cartwright Inn property.                                               We feel this commercial property would adversely impact the character and history of this unique hamlet.

For anyone willing to help gather names please contact us for further information.
Petition to oppose the location of a Dollar General in the Hamlet of West Henrietta


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