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May is National Historic Preservation Month

   The month celebrates the nation’s heritage through historic places.
Historic Preservation, as defined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is identifying, protecting, and enhancing buildings, places, and objects of historical and cultural significance.

   Not only are the places worth preserving, but the stories behind them are, too. Everywhere we go, there is more to discover.
Whether the story is found in archives or attics, peeling back the layers of time helps us understand the past. Recording stories helps to provide a rich and lively history of the people who lived and worked there. Through stories we can better imagine their hardships, what they overcame, and the difficult decisions they made in the face of adversity.

 In Henrietta we currently have 99 designated historic sites which include 4 properties on the National Register of Historic Places and 5 cemeteries where early settlers and veterans of many wars are interred.

   A list of these and a map can be found here:

Whether you are interested in seeing historical sites or helping to preserve the history in your backyard, there is something for everyone.

Stay tuned for our upcoming for May weekly Henrietta Historic Sites posts.

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President - Kay Saunders
Vice-President - Barbara Marsh
Treasurer- Joe Galley  
Secretary- Pat Webster

- to educate the public about the history of Henrietta, New York

- to encourage community interest in the town's history 


- to collect, preserve, and exhibit artifacts, writings, and historical items 


- to conduct and collect oral histories from town residents 


- to serve the educ​ational and cultural needs of Henrietta, New York  

(New York)


This months story is:

If you want to Learn About Life, Start in a Cemetery

written by Melanie Nelson, 

​​Read the story, click here